AAR just celebrated its First Anniversary at our brand new shelter!

We are in our new home because of our wonderful volunteers,
our dedicated donors, and the supportive community!

Thank you for being part of the journey: 2002 – 2019!

AAR’S WINE BEER TASTING was a huge success!
300 tasters enjoyed Fine Wine and Cool Brews
Great Food and Art Show
Champagne and Chocolate Table
Cork Pull and Raffle
Photo Booth
and $22,000+ raised for the animals!
Cheers and hope to see you next year!
Get on the early notification list by contacting [email protected]

Abandoned Animal Rescue
is thrilled to have been chosen
as an honoree of
Parkway Chevrolet’s Two-Step Gala Fundraiser! 

This fabulous event that raises funds for local charities is on
Saturday, October 26, 6:30 pm
Parkway Chevrolet
25500 SH 249, Tomball

For more info, contact
[email protected] or [email protected]

AAR alumni Abigail is making friends in her new home!
Summer adopted!


Brought in to AAR: 160
Adopted: 167
Cats/Kittens: 78
Dogs/Puppies: 89
Owner Found: 2
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge: 5

Total currently with AAR:
Cats/Kittens: 20
Dogs/Puppies: 62

Princess Gucci adopted!

🌺 ADOPT and give more pets a spring in their steps! 🌺

CLICK to see AAR’s Adorable Adoptables

see more events at http://www.aartexas.org



Greater Magnolia Parkway COC Ribbon Cutting:
Thurs, April 11; 11:30 am
Yoga with Cats: Sunday, April 14, 1 pm at the shelter


Spring Fling: Saturday, May 11, 10-12 am
Yoga with Cats: Sunday, May 12, 1 pm

A Night in the Dog House: November date tbd

Pancake Breakfast: Saturday, December 7, 10 am – noon

for more info:ev[email protected]

Is there a puppy season? Apparently not. Unlike wolves, domesticated dogs are promiscuous, have more heat cycles, and mature early. Female dogs have bi-annual breeding cycles and male dogs are willing to mate any time a female is in heat. This causes puppies to be born virtually any time of the year.

What about kitten season? Kitten season is generally when most unaltered cats go into heat. This lasts primarily from March through October. Warmer climates may experience two kitten seasons because it is less cold. A female cat can go into heat at any time of year, but the majority do during kitten season and that’s why it puts such a strain on animal shelters and rescues.


If you rescue a litter, and need help . . . contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Can we take every kitten or puppy? We wish we could, but we have limited room. Space for new arrivals is available through adoptions. However, our Intake Team can provide you with other resources to help with your particular situation.


Ways You Can Help

Is It Your Birthday?

Set up is easy!

Search for "birthday fundraiser" while on Facebook and you’ll be guided through the quick setup process. Your fundraiser will appear on AAR’s Facebook page, and you can then share your fundraiser through your own social media accounts.

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Abandoned Animal Rescue is entirely managed and maintained by volunteers.

 This means that all the money raised or donated goes towards caring for cats and dogs, and maintaining the quality of the shelter and its grounds. AAR raises money through adoption fees, clinic fees, donations from supporters, and fundraisers. 

Donate Here

Thank You

I hope you enjoy reading about how AAR is
Giving Paws a Helping Hand™
and about our volunteers, donors and supporters.

Pat MacKinnon, editor

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