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While there aren’t always kitties in our playroom, the best times to view them are Tuesday through Saturday from 8am – 4pm, and Sunday and Monday between 8am – 10am and 2pm – 4pm. If there aren’t any kitties on the live stream, make sure you check back!

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Adopting the Purr-fect Friend

First, decide what sort of personality a cat needs that would best suit you and your family. Sure, most of us are partial to a certain breed or color of cat, but their individual personality is the most important factor when deciding if a cat will be right for you. 

Would a playful, crazy kitten be a good addition to your family, or a snugly lap cat? Do you want a cat who is very social and likes to be wherever you are, or would a more independent “cool” cat be more to your liking? 

Remember, you may have this cat for 15 years or more!

Expedite the process by filling out the cat adoption application.


The adoption fee for cats and kittens is $40. 

Be sure to bring a carrier so you can bring your new friend safely home!

Kittens vs Cats

It is an indisputable fact that kittens are adorable, but they do need more attention than older cats. Kittens need to play and socialize – it is how they learn to be cats! Be prepared to spend time each day playing with your kitten and don’t be surprised if she gets into mischief – it’s kind of a kitten thing. Adult cats, on the other hand, have already developed their cat-ness and are secure in who they are. While some adults will play, many are more content just curling up next to you and being close. Adult cats are often overlooked at shelters, but those potential adopters are missing out on a great thing!

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